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4 Pros or Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is an option that many people tend to go with today. But deciding to go with outdoor advertising or billboard advertising to market or advertise your business can be a big step, especially if you’re a small business owner or haven’t used outdoor advertising as part of your overall marketing strategy till now. But don’t sweat over it just yet, like many advertising mediums, outdoor advertising has its own set of pros or advantages. And it’s essential to understand how they will benefit your brand before you commit to investing in your advertising budget.

If you’ve driven for a significant length of time, whether for a road trip or while commuting to work, you’ve seen digital and print billboards alongside roads and highways, especially close to urban centers. Billboards can do well for a variety of industries, from local retailers to entertainment and dining. Also, outdoor advertisements can be an effective tactic for your business. But before signing up for a strategy that takes advantage of this format, knowing about some pros of billboard advertising won’t hurt you.

Outdoor advertising (also known as out-of-home advertising) is the kind of advertising that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes. It can be in the form of billboards, street furniture, and transit advertising to exterior signage and point of sale displays. Outdoor advertising remains a pervasive way for businesses to advertise in public, and it has many great advantages.

At A1 Billboards, we’ve seen how successful cross-platform marketing strategies can be and how they’ve helped our clients accomplish their goals. We’ve created this blog piece to provide adequate research to fully understand the strengths of this marketing platform to make successful advertising campaigns. So, what are the pros of outdoor advertising? Here are some key points to consider determining why Outdoor Advertising is right for your brand and business.

Pros of Outdoor Advertising

  1. It is very affordable.

Outdoor advertising is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing from an exposure point of view. Advertising on a billboard, within a mall, or even a bench, can create customer impressions for just pennies on the dollar. In high exposure areas, you’ll find that outdoor advertising can be even cheaper than the cost of internet impressions.

Bearing in mind that almost 70% of the drivers exposed to billboards plan to shop on their way home, and a majority of them will make essential shopping decisions. At the same time, in the car, it should be no surprise that almost 35% of them will stop at a business featured on a billboard at some point during that trip home.

Another 32% will visit a business featured on their way home at some point during the following week, and about 55% will tell their friends and family about a billboard ad if it’s funny. A similar number say they learned about events they wanted to attend or restaurants they would visit. Billboards are a good reminder touchpoint for TV programming (33%) and radio (44%), as well.

  1. It creates an immediate impact.

Most people have a strong memory of images compared to significant texts. Therefore, billboards are the best way to communicate with potential customers or target audiences because they’ll increase brand awareness for your product with a particular image. If the images are attractive enough, rest assured your potential customers will pay attention to what your company has to say.

When a prospect is looking for something that your brand and business can offer, then your advertisement will make an immediate impact. The candidate may even reach out to contact you simply because you’ve included a phone number, and email address, or a website.

  1. You can lead your prospects to comprehensive research.

QR codes allow consumers to do their research while they’re out shopping for products or services. They can determine which value proposition is the best for them, which reduces the overall costs of your brand and business face since the consumer does the research instead of you. When you get a contact, it is a probable prospect for you that goes almost all of the way through your sales funnel.

Billboards are unique advertising tools because they can create impulse purchases. A potential customer or a specific audience might be driving and notice your advertisement then decide to make the purchase immediately. If they can get the product directly, you can improve the value proposition of your business along with the products, thus leaving the customer completely satisfied.

  1. You can create impulse buys.

Ever notice why magazines, drinks & candy bars are near the cashier? Because as you stand in line, you can get bored, so you grab something to read to pass the time. You might feel thirsty, so you get something to drink, or you might feel hungry, so you go on and grab some candy. Outdoor advertising does the same thing but on a larger scale by directing consumers to a specific location so they can experience immediate gratification, which you can say is at the heart of an impulse buy.

Numerous billboards have provided directions to the store in question. Upon reading the billboard, the customer can decide whether or not to proceed to the store to make a purchase. They might decide to move to your store immediately or maybe visit later, but whichever the case, providing information about your store on the billboard is an excellent way to entice more customers.


The pros of outdoor advertising show us that it can be a useful marketing advantage if a brand or business makes smart placement decisions. Well, you can leave that for us to do.

We always look for areas that are low cost but high exposure and where people show interest in what you’re offering. It allows you to take advantage of the benefits with lower risks of the disadvantages appearing.

It is a good solution for some smaller businesses, which is why it’s crucial to consider Outdoor advertising as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Remember, as a general rule, and it takes a consumer many different touchpoints with your brand before they are ready to purchase. Hence, a holistic Outdoor Marketing strategy incorporating various touchpoints and channels is more likely to result in conversion for your brand or product.

But don’t you worry about anything, we at A1 Billboards will take care of everything for you, all you have to do is just get in touch with us.

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