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Advertising or marketing communications are generally regarded as election advertising & are perfectly advertised through election signs & posters. These election signs & posters contain material intended or likely to affect voting in an upcoming election.

Generally, these signs & posters will not include government information or education campaigns outside of an election period. “In terms of CPM, OOH advertising can’t be beaten. And with the increased availability of digital billboards, signs & posters, political advertisers can now change out copy faster than they could on TV.” Melissa Sharp, veteran campaign planner, quoted in The Hill.

In a June 23, 2013 article in The Hill Bob McCuin of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas points out five reasons why political spending for advertisements make sense.

  • Election Signs & poster campaigns generate earned media conversations.
  • The media report on signboards & out of home campaigns. A smart ad campaign creates buzz.
  • Signs & posters allow for flexible, dynamic response ads.
  • Voter targeting.
  • Geo-Targeting of Specific Precincts.


Elections run fast; thus, election signs & posters are a quick way to brand candidates & drive voters to learn more about the candidate’s platform. The massive structures of a billboard make a strong statement that creates confidence in its message.

This catches voters’ attention & creates likeability & trust. Political advertising with billboards is an excellent way to get your face out to the people & evoke them for the upcoming election.

Benefits of Tradition OOH for Political Advertising

  • A consistent message that will be a daily reminder of a campaign or politician
  • Puts a face to the campaign. A vast, unwavering face on a billboard will provide familiarity & trust with voters.
  • 57% of registered voters commute every day who see your message.


It’s election season & what better way to promote your campaign or express your support for a candidate than with a custom election sign from A1 Billboards. Our eye-catching signs are sure to make an impression. Choose from our wide selection of professionally designed templates or customize your election sign with your own slogan to make your message loud & clear.

Made from durable & fade-resistant corrugated plastic, our political signs are designed to stand out & stand up to the elements.

There is no doubt that while campaigns & elections continue to move to digital battlegrounds, the traditional forms of media still continue to play a significant role in winning elections. Political signage is a perfect example of this as candidates at the local, state & Federal level plaster yards, buildings & busy roadways with campaign promises, political slogans & get out the vote messages.

Whether you need signage for your front yard or vehicle, campaign headquarters, or for your entire district, A1 Billboards can help. We offer a wide variety of interior & exterior political sign options to help show your support or ensure your candidacy is effectively communicated to your constituents.

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