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Welcome to A1 Billboards. We’re a professional Mobile advertising & Roadside advertising agency offering different types of billboards and other popular forms of advertising to promote a huge variety of events, businesses, and products.

Our highly experienced team can work with a wide variety of different sized companies from various industries and sectors every day. Thus, we can work with any size budget, coming up with creative solutions and a wide range of options so that you achieve your outdoor marketing ambitions, whatever they may be.

At A1 Billboards, we work hard to achieve outstanding results for our clients working tirelessly to secure top local & iconic national billboards – all at brilliant rates. Our aim is simple; we place all your outdoor adverts Where You Want Them When You Want Them.

So, whether you are looking for local billboard advertising or a national billboard campaign, which could include truck adverts, event signage, poster distribution, or indeed anything else, simply contact our team today.


Mobile advertising is versatile and cost-effective. This medium is an excellent tool for promoting many types of products and services such as:












In short, how the ordering process, preparation, and implementation of our services take place.


In response to an online order or quote, we contact the customer to agree on the details of the advertising campaign.


We prepare a design from the received graphics or create a new one at the customer’s request and we submit for approval.


After the client approves the project, we prepare a contract and finalize the transaction.


We carry out the order and provide detailed reports and statistics.

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Local Billboard Advertising

Local billboard advertising is immensely popular with both local companies promoting local goods and services, and events, as well as national & international brands wishing to market their products across the country to a broader audience.

In this way, one can say that Advertising is amongst the oldest marketing forms in the world – initially starting with people painting on the sides of buildings to the attractive digital options that are available today. There are a multitude of options to consider when looking at carrying out this form of proven & effective marketing, with options to suit most budgets.

National Outdoor Advertising

At A1 Billboards, we work with local, national, and international companies who are looking for nationwide outdoor campaigns to promote themselves to a broader audience, and those who are looking to expand and have maximum reach.

Outdoor billboard advertising has more options for people like you who are looking to target an audience on the go. From traditional billboards to digital options, from large to small, billboard advertising still possesses an excellent potential as a marketing strategy without conforming to a one-size-fits-all mentality.

The possibilities within the market are especially promising when you ponder a closer look at the statistics around the city. If this interests your company, get in touch with us today and tell us which areas you are looking to target. We can get availability in a variety of locations and formats all over Ireland to suit your needs.

The Benefits of A1 Billboard in Targetting Your Customers

Your business could benefit from a billboard near your business and also near your closest competitors to spread brand/name awareness.

A clear, concise, and an easy to read message is essential to make the most effective use of a billboard. But always remember to use a board to provide a last-minute road map to your business.

Some major benefits of billboard advertising, in our opinion, are:

  1. Getting your brand or message seen my thousands, in some cases millions of people
  2. It is cost-effective & proven form of marketing
  3. Available in some form all over Ireland
  4. Cross-industry effective
  5. Can work with a wide variety of budgets

Why Choose A1 Billboards?

There are a lot of marketing companies around; however, we believe we stand apart from the crowd and the other outdoor advertising agencies for these main reasons:

  1. We have an excellent team of passionate and highly experienced outdoor media buyers and advertising agencies. They have existing relationships in place with top outdoor media suppliers, which means that we can secure fantastic outdoor media options at high prices.
  2. We keep an equal focus on all our clients; we believe you are the most important people.
  3. We are a group of outdoor media planners, and we importantly aren’t connected to one supplier or company. Therefore, we always offer impartial advice rather than encouraging you to buy our billboards; we feel that this impartiality is key to a successfully balanced campaign.
  4. We try to keep it simple – Many other top advertising agencies can make the process seem complicated and full of availability spreadsheets, options, amongst other things. But we at A1 Billboards aim to make the process simple and stress-free for you.

We believe that our job is simple; we look after & accommodate all your billboard advertising needs so that you can focus on running your business!

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