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How Does Mobile Billboard Advertising Work?

The money used in advertising is anticipated to be only well-spent if the resulting ROI is excellent. Over the years, there have been several methods of advertising that businesses like yours have tried out, alone to be let down with meagre to no results. With mobile billboard advertising, your advertising budget can take you farther than ever before. We aren’t just saying that because of the four wheels it’ll be travelling on! Know why an investment in a billboard truck ad campaign is the most cost-effective way to go & how does it work?

Understanding The Mobile Billboard Strategy

Your mobile billboard advertising approach is as unprecedented as your brand. With Mobile Billboard advertising, you can take your message directly to the areas you need to target with the flexibility & mobility you need to pivot. You can further alter tactics during peak performance periods.

This leads to more significant ad engagements on your mobile billboard message. In turn, your advertising budget works harder & is more cost-effective than most other mediums.

Though traditional movable billboards emerged as a form of out-of-home (or OOH) mobile advertising, the coalition of mobile billboard trucks & led mobile billboard technologies for promotion has helped ILUM redefine this cubbyhole of mobile ad service aka as high-impact/high-penetration mobile outdoor advertising.

What’s the Reach of a Mobile Billboard Truck?

While the advantage of mobile billboards is on the rise, top industry experts working with Outdoor Advertising Magazine have marked the trajectory of ads served via mobile billboard trucks proceed to trace on a curve that outpaces all the other comparative advertising media (except for television).

Mobile billboard advertising now delivers a 97% recall rate in investigations, & 96% of those examined respondents reported that mobile advertising was more efficient in attracting their engagement & remaining ‘sticky’ through the following period of message retention in comparison to other traditional outdoor advertising.

  • Did you know – 80% of mobile billboard watchers recall the particular advertisement showed & that most mobile digital billboards result in a calculable sales increase of at least 107%

Digital Truck Campaigns Keep the Playing Field Even

We know that you might not prefer spending millions on getting a spot on television during a popular sporting event or holiday. However, with advertising trucks, you can help keep the playing field level by expressing your creativity with an affordable advertisement that can be just as effective as something produced by a larger competitor.

Make Your Next Ads a Hit with A1 Billboards

Don’t spend another cent on traditional advertisements. Think outside of the box & get your message on a billboard truck from A1 Billboards. Our fleet ranges from digital vehicles to glass-walled display options. If you know, it’s time to see results in your advertising ROI, get in touch with the pros today. We’ll be glad to get your message rolling!


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