Mobile Billboard Advertising
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Mobile Billboard Advertising Truck: Mobile Ad Truck

Mobile Billboard Advertising Trucks & Trailers

With Mobile Billboard Advertising, you can easily increase awareness of your brand and boost impressions of your marketing campaign. Truck ads in high traffic areas, whether a vehicle or pedestrian traffic, or both, can increase traffic, for your website, 800 number, business, non-profit, or organization, whether political, public service, charity, social club, event, or otherwise.

How are Audiences Captured through Mobile Billboards?

After looking at how mobile billboards deliver results simplistically and statistically, it’s vital to pinpoint precisely how specific demographics become prime targets. Simply put, mobile billboards are more memorable as out-of-home displays because they stand out in common, or uncommon, spaces.

According to a study by APN, an on-the-go ad has a 45% higher peak exposure than static ads. Furthermore, the size of mobile billboards also matters in retaining memory in viewers. A typical 10 ft. High by 22 ft. wide message can’t be missed, especially on the street level.

Mobile billboards can infiltrate a specific market on a hyper-local level through planning specific routes through intelligent mapping software and GPS signals. They can also target consumers based on their interests. Apart from that, mobile billboards can be stationed outside of sports games, highly targeting fans leaving the stadium, and this form of audience segmentation usually gives out the best impressions.

Why Should You Use Mobile Billboards as A Marketing Tool?

It’s a well-known fact that every company loves to have a humongous advertising budget, which can allow them to afford lavish television commercials dreamed up by the best minds in the business. A more than sufficient budget will also pave the way for breathtakingly beautiful outdoor banner ads with killer copy and dazzling imagery.

But alas, this isn’t a reality for most small to midsize companies. So, try mobile billboard advertising to get the most bang for your advertising buck. Recent studies have revealed that mobile billboards have a recall rate (the ability of a person exposed to an ad to remember its message over time) of 97%. Mobile Ad trucks can also be used in places where traditional billboards are banned.

Mobile billboards Advertising trucks can get your advertisements in front of the eyes of customers at the precise moment when they most expect or need to see them.  Imagine if someone is driving your mobile billboard truck through heavy traffic. Suddenly, he notices he’s in an area where there are a majority of people who belong to your target demographic.

He can then park the truck, which temporarily transforms your mobile billboard into a stationary one. On the plus side, all these desirable new customers can feast your eyes on your message, thereby fully maximizing the effectiveness of your advertisement.  Also, this is how mobile advertising helps in creating brand awareness in a way most other advertising can’t.

After looking at how mobile billboard space can be rented, how it delivers meaningful results, and how the advertising can capture audiences, it’s found that mobile billboard advertising is an effective way to promote a service. Instead of working in mysterious ways, mobile billboards are bold and expressive, along with being a crowd-pleaser. Plus, they are the best and most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising.

We at A1 Billboards will deliver you the best possible impressions to your brand, company, or organisation’s target market, thus boosting the consumer’s top of mind awareness, throughout your mobile billboard campaign.

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