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Mobile Billboard advertising, Roadside advertising, and Advertising Trailers are one of the most effective ways to deliver your company’s message to hundreds of thousands of people every day. Whether promoting a store, product launches, or any other corporate event, A1 Billboards has the experience & expertise to ensure you reach your target audience, giving maximum impact to your message by spreading brand awareness.

This way, the power of mobility is combined with traditional billboard advertising, breathing new life into it. Then, your company’s brand story can be delivered to precisely those places it needs to go in a way that’ll grab customers’ attention.

Utilize your vehicle’s large canvases as low-cost with flexible advertising spaces. Wrap your trucks & trailers with your beautiful design featuring your brand, products, or services that will be seen by thousands on roads across your locality and perhaps the whole nation.

Every day, tens of thousands of motorists will notice and read your advertisement. One single advert banner placed alongside the busy roads in your surrounding areas across Ireland can average 4.5 million drive pasts per month!


Conveniently designed to fit into any size pickup truck, our truck billboards are a genuinely mobile advertising option. For your convenience, these portable signs can become a free-standing billboard by merely adjusting the legs to heights of 20 to 30”. At A1 Billboards, we’ll take your advertising on the go and reach your customers wherever they are with truck billboards.

We can wrap it all in one small vehicle or a large fleet of trailers. We understand the value of your images, and thus we complete rigorous certification processes to ensure they are always printed at the highest possible standard. And don’t you worry about the design; we can even help you with graphic design!

Also, along with design & printing services, we have a certified installation team and an extensive network of installers to follow up with a seamless application. We’ll work with you to create installation schedules to carry out your project efficiently and keep your vehicles in service.

All of the mobile billboard trucks will be fabricated to your specifications, and they’ll fulfill all your demands. They are built with the highest quality materials available in the market, along with a design that makes switching out of outdoor banners super simple. In most cases, we can do this in less than an hour, even if the weather is terrible.

We install your advertisements by applying vinyl decals or by fastening a large sheet of vinyl to the sides of mobile billboard trucks. Sometimes, specialised aluminum frames are also used to display messages. If you want to use outdoor mobile billboard trailers, you’ll need heavy-duty trucks that are enough to pull commercial trailers.

Mobile Billboard Trailers

Maybe your business is highly localised and caters to a particular niche. Or, your corporate reach extends from Tipperary to Dublin to all of Ireland. Whatever the case may be, mobile billboards are a powerful way to deliver your message to the very places they need to go.

You might be glad to know that it also gives you an extraordinary amount of control over how you’re perceived in a way other forms of advertising don’t allow. Or simply put, it multiplies your brand awareness.

Most of our mobile trailers are small enough to get easily towed behind trucks, yet large enough to make sure you get noticed well above the rest of the promotional gear. We have them in multiple sizes for either purchase or rent. They range from a superlight 4’ x 4’ trailer to a significantly larger 10’ x 22’ one.

We use the billboards as a canvas upon which we write your compelling brand story, so all of Ireland hears about it. You are aware that the bigger the billboard is, the more space you’ll have to drive your message home.  Another advantage of mobile billboard trailers is that you can quickly switch out one advertisement for another. This lets you be agile enough to change your message without incurring any cost whatsoever.

If you want to double your marketing power, you can go for a double-sided model. And with digital mobile billboards, you can choose static ads (similar to static billboards), animated graphics, or even full-motion video with sound to advertise your business, company or brand. It also provides you with an electronic outdoor display space through which you can showcase everything about your company that customers will want to know.

Examples of Mobile Billboards

Restaurants are just one of the long lists of businesses that benefit from the incredible potential of mobile billboards. You can ask us to display your logo alongside the pictures of your most mouth-watering entrées on the side of a truck or trailer. When this mobile billboard is seen by people while navigating through heavy traffic, they will start showing up at your restaurant. After all, who can resist the visual allure of a mobile digital billboard flashing its powerful message for everyone to see?

Mobile billboards, whether they’re digital or not, are a great way to get people to your business. And then, if your food or any other product that you serve is any good, they can’t help but fall in love with your service and your delectable dishes. So, do not think too hard, don’t wait any longer, just call us, and we’ll start promoting your business and company immediately.

Get years of trouble-free advertising with Sign Trailer Billboards

We can supply you with purpose-built Sign Trailer billboards and other trailer advertising signs. Sign Trailer billboards have flat sign panels attached alongside the existing cage, which makes it easy for you to advertise your business, company, brand, and products 24/7/365.

You might use your trailer fully enclosed to secure goods or take away on holidays etc. Similarly, you can also have your trailer fully open with no roof or floor, purely for advertising, we’ll help you to do that.

We can also modify your old trailer or add panels to the cage of your existing trailer. We only use quality media and give you the best possible job for years of trouble-free advertising 24/7/365.

Furthermore, if you have staff with spare time on their hands, then cut down on advertising costs by hiring one of our professional built advertising trailers. Whether you want to tow your advert around town centres or just display on your premises, this is a great way to promote your business or your brand. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of all your advertising needs.

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Mobile advertising is versatile and cost-effective. This medium is an excellent tool for promoting many types of products and services such as: