Poster Distribution

Poster Distribution

Creating a unique and class event identity is one thing; ensuring it reaches your target audience is another. At A1 Billboards, we have designed our poster distribution service in such a way that ensures your event reaches full audience potential before it even begins.

Taking pride in our thoroughly researched & targeted promotion structure, A1 Billboards, and our staff creates the contagious buzz your event deserves. Our poster distribution & other advertising campaigns are mapped by our advertising consultants, matched to your events forte, and carried out by our area savvy and vibrant team.

Poster distribution is the ultimate way to get your message across your target area. It is how you can get your posters displayed in the areas you want. At A1 Billboards, we have a strong belief that posters are the best and most cost-effective way of advertising, and we know how to get them to put up in the right places. This means that your posters can be seen by thousands of people every day going to and from work, doing the shopping, having their hair cut, or even sitting with a cup of coffee.

We provide a whole bunch of affordable poster distribution service that covers the whole of Ireland. We can look after everything for you from printing & design, picking up print & storage to planning, transport, and putting up the posters themselves. We can provide a post-distribution report, including a photo gallery & maps.

Distribution campaigns can vary depending on your needs. If you need a high impact campaign that gives intensive coverage, it means that we’ll use enough posters to saturate your target area thoroughly. Poster distribution like this is an excellent way to get noticed. It creates a huge advertising opportunity that will be seen by everyone within your target area.

We can also create targeted poster campaigns. It involves targeting certain individual areas or business types. It is the right way of getting your posters seen by your relevant demographic. This can also be mixed with high footfall areas that have a high rate of exposure to the public. Here your posters will also be seen by your demographic.

Covering the length & breadth of Tipperary and other areas of Ireland, our promotional staff will become your event ambassadors as they elegantly & effectively spread the word on your event throughout the city’s hot spots.

We cater for:

Election Campaigns, Sports Events, Local Events, Musical Events, Circus Events, and Roadside Posters, to name a few, if you have a poster campaign that you would like to be placed in public areas, then A1 Billboards is the company for you.

We offer a comprehensive poster distribution and advance publicity service. We can provide area-wide high impact poster campaigns including roadside billing, press releases, banners, direction signs, door to door leaflet drops, school leaflet drops, street promo staff, publicity vehicles, banners, and site decoration, and we can also arrange printing at a competitive price.

We always distribute our posters in strict compliance with local posting requirements. Furthermore, we distribute posters in all formats. We also offer planning, organisation and full management services of billboards & other outdoor advertising across the country.

In every advertising campaign, it is mandatory for our staff to monitor & inspect the poster region and ensure that it remains clean & tidy. Our poster distribution campaign also includes a regular report service to keep you up to date with how the campaign is going.

We have an excellent reputation for providing only the best in class services. We carefully examine the poster size & volume possibilities at your chosen locations before implementing your campaign, and we always ensure effective advertising and compliance with local laws.

You will be provided with detailed reports on your executed campaigns along with photo documentation that measures and reports on their effectiveness. We manage and can find the best locations for your campaign that can reach massive audiences.

Election Poster Distribution

Poster distribution is considered as the most cost-effective way of advertising events. Research shows that over 65% of the attendance comes directly from poster campaigns. The rest comes from more expensive forms of advertising. Plus, our regular clients never even think about promoting an event without a poster campaign. Our experienced team at A1 Billboards directly ensures that clients understand the target demographic for each event. By doing this, we provide a bespoke election poster distribution campaign for every event we advertise.

We can perfectly present of your candidates and campaign slogans with election posters in various formats

With A1 Billboards, you can choose various formats for your corrugated election posters to distribute. All sizes can be printed in portrait or landscape format. This allows you to plan precisely what formats you want to use to deploy your campaign advertising effectively.

Our Event Poster Distribution is highly targeted

The team that’s in charge of your event’s poster distribution will target all critical areas. First of all, we target significant main shopping areas, and secondly, all the little back streets. Remember that these back streets are where your potential customer will most likely stop and read your event’s posters. Consequently, our poster distributors systematically find all the shops down hidden on the back streets to display your poster advertising.

However, one thing is for sure, the posters are not just suitable for elections but also for outdoor advertising and signage at events. The smaller formats are especially ideal as advertisements next to traffic – for example, on trees or lamp posts. The larger sized plastic posters are quite noticeable and have an edge on large open surfaces like the walls of a house or construction site fences. Distributing these kinds of posters will undoubtedly enhance your or your candidate’s campaign and help them to get closer to their goal of winning.

Poster Design

Well-designed posters make a world of difference and can have a significant impact on the success of your event. The design of the poster of the event can often be intentionally cryptic. Most of the time, poster designs are simple, and large letters may be chosen to give maximum impact. More often than not, it is about getting the right balance of style & effect, and keeping the main points highly visible is the most important part of poster design.

The title, advertising slogan, date, and the event’s venue are essential bits of information that should be instantly visible on your poster or at the time of leaflet distribution. Keeping the information on the campaign’s or event’s poster to a bare minimum helps to reduce clutter. If you want us to use more than a few words on your poster, it’s best to use both capital & lower case lettering. Capital letters on the poster are best used for emphasis or to attract attention. Lettering should be spaced correctly, so it is always easy to read. Posters or Billboards are often seen from a distance, so the right colours are essential to draw you in as well. But, don’t you worry about anything, just get in touch with us; we at A1 Billboards will take care of everything for you.

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