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With an approach that’s grounded in collecting & analyzing relevant data, we understand what the numbers are telling us & how to make the most out of them. We create media buying both simple & powerful.

We all know that the lifeline for businesses to stay in the market is to stay in touch with the customers & the best way to keep the customers engaged with the products & services, which businesses offer, is to go for digital marketing & outdoor advertisements.

Outdoor Advertising is the most traditional yet the most effective way to engage with the customers. No other medium empowers the brand as much as Outdoor advertising does. It brings the brand to new heights & makes it a household name. A single Unipole on the busy road of your town communicates your brand so well that it leaves a lasting impression on anyone who has seen it, even for once.

We are the only locally owned & licensed outdoor advertising company in Ireland & are happy to service key greater areas such as Limerick, Cashel, Clonmel, Thurles, Mitchelstown, Mallow, waterford, Kilkenny, Nenagh, Roscrea, Cork, Tralee, Dungarvan & more.

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Another element of our service is making sure you are aware of how we will make a successful outdoor campaign for you. We know that it’s imperative to keep things simple & focus on one key objective to allow the viewer to read the ad quickly. Once your key objective has been made front & centre, you want to keep the delivery bold, significant, & beautiful. Especially with digital outdoor billboards, the presence of LED technology gives a lot of potential for colourful, eye-catching billboard signs.

In addition to the practical knowledge of putting together a successful advertising campaign, A1 Billboards is also well aware of the reasons why outdoor advertising can give you a distinct advantage over television, radio, or internet ads.

Billboards do not need the consumer to opt-in or choose to engage with the advertisement; whereas with radio, television or internet ads, all customers have to do is switch the channel, switch to various radio stations, or click out of the advertisement window. It’s for this reason that the billboards costs are exceptionally significant—so much so that incorporating outdoor advertising into your business’s overall advertising portfolio can increase consumer outreach by up to 300%.

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We’re prepared to help smaller businesses take on giant competitors in their market with ease. With proven geo-fencing capabilities, we’ll get you where you need to be with search engine advertising that works.


The A1 Billboards team will monitor your digital advertising campaigns closely, ready to act on critical information & course-correct at a moment’s notice.


With a deep understanding of the data, we dig into the numbers, working closely with our clients to continually strategize & increase ROI whenever possible.


Using the latest technology, we’ll keep your brand offering up to date & engaging material. The online space is changing in real-time, & we’re at the forefront, ready to stake your claim in your niche market.


outdoor advertising

We very strongly believe in the strength of outdoor advertising because we have witnessed it success. It presents the perfect balance of effectiveness & efficiency.

It offers the perfect balance of effectiveness & efficiency, it is memorable, inexpensive & aesthetically pleasing. When OOH Ads are deployed correctly, they become key game-changing components to any client’s campaign. With the right thinking behind them, they can become a game-changer for many clients.

Why Outdoor Advertising Works

Wondering why it pays to have a part of your brand’s marketing budget in A1 Billboards Outdoor Advertising?
Consider this:

As a member of the lead trade association representing the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry, the OAAA, ATA has access to a rich selection of demographic reports, case studies & the latest industry news.

Per the organization, “With nearly 800 member companies, OAAA represents more than 90 per cent of industry revenues. The OAAA provides the tools, education, best practices, resources & support its members need to win in the marketplace.” Our membership helps us help our clients.

  • Consumers spend approx 70% of their waking hours away from their homes, which implies they are more exposed to OOH ads than nearly any other kind of advertising. (Source: OAAA)
  • Out of Home (OOH) media viewership is high: Three-quarters of total U.S. adults have seen advertising on digital billboards, static billboards, sides of public buses, taxi cabs, bus shelters, commuter rails, subways or any street-level advertising like kiosks or newspaper stands in the past month; viewership among travellers is 84%. (Source: Arbitron)
  • OOH’s versatile formats offer ‘blank canvas’ creative potential to break through the clutter & hold people’s attention, wherever they work, shop, travel & play. (Source: OAAA)
  • Purchasing decisions are often made away from home: Over two-thirds of travellers make their purchasing decisions at some location outside of their home for a typical week; over half report making their buying decisions most commonly when they are not home. (Source: Arbitron)
  • People out of home have a 33% heightened alertness compared with people in the home, with 23% searching for more information on a mobile device after seeing an outdoor ad, compared to 16% for other media. (Source Outdoor Media Centre)
  • Brand Amplification with Outdoor Advertising: OOH’s disruptive power targets audiences whether they’re driving, taking public transportation, on their lunch hour, shopping, working out, or going to the movies.

Unlike TV, digital or print, consumers do not need to “opt-in” or choose to consume an OOH message. OOH complements & builds upon other media components & ensures the message breaks through in more ways & more environments. (Source: OAAA Amplification Brochure)

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