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What is Outdoor Advertising & Why is it Important?

We’re sure whenever you think of outdoor advertising, the very first thing that pops into your mind is a huge & colorful billboard. Although billboards are a part of outdoor ads, still these ads do include everything from advertisements on buses or taxis to phone booths. Outdoor Ads have actually been around longer than you deem, back in the days when the Egyptians used to enlist trade documents or financial statements on walls. They also utilised the method of outdoor advertising to get their message across.

We’ve come a long way from writings on the wall & it has been clearly established that outdoor advertising in any shape or form can help you boost sales & reach a more extensive audience base.

What Constitutes an Outdoor Ad?

The outdoor advertising umbrella covers just about everything you find outside of your home.

Some may quibble about whether mobile advertising is also outdoor — after all, most people use their phones outside their home — but the accepted definition of outdoor advertising puts more emphasis on the medium than the device used to deliver it.

So stickers on bananas that advertise “Despicable Me” would be considered outdoor advertising. But an ad that pops up on your mobile device while you are surfing at the grocery store in line with ESPN.com wouldn’t.

Outdoor ads often rely on their surroundings to help them make a point. Ads are customized to the format required to create a more meaningful effect. For example, a billboard for a movie you see on the side of the road would be different from a billboard for the same movie on the side of a bus.

Outdoor is perhaps the most creative medium for advertising & the most popular ads represent the imagination. Outdoor advertising is about seeing things in a new way & helping your audience to see that, too. It means a banana is no longer just a piece of fruit but suddenly the perfect vehicle to promote banana-coloured minions from a kids’ cartoon.

Billboards including traditional, bulletin billboards, digital ooh advertising billboards, mobile billboards & more are some of the top forms of Outdoor Advertising.

Why Is Outdoor Advertising Important & its Benefits?

Americans spend a lot of time outside the home — they engage in activities such as work, leisure & sports an average of 8.74 hours per day, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s entirely a third of your day when you are not in your house. Since another one-third of your time is spent sleeping, that leaves only a few hours for advertisers to connect with you in your home through television, magazines & radio.

And there comes the role of outdoor advertising. It allows advertisers to find you when you are outside your home, & often at a time when you are receptive to advertising.

For instance, you probably zone out waiting for the bus, so no wonder that ad in the back of the shelter for a coffee shop catches your eye. When you crave an after-work caffeine break, where do you think you’ll head? To that coffee shop.

Outdoor advertising is essential because it’s accessible, it’s measurable, it’s effective & it’s less intrusive than many other forms of advertising. Want some evidence to back it up? Consider these statistics:

The essence of outdoor advertising rests in its benefits, which includes:

  • Outdoor advertising can pass a related message to the mass/targeted audience with ease & efficiency.
  • This advertising tool offers consistency as well as stability when it comes to producing brand awareness.
  • It can produce more clarity concerning the focus point of the brand.
  • With the help of this advertising medium, you will be able to strategically put the brand message.
  • One of the most significant advantages of outdoor advertising is that the cost on a CPM basis is much lower vis-à-vis other advertising mediums. In some cases, it can be lower by a factor of 10 or 20.
  • There are several types of promotional displays that you can offer to your audience—almost more than 40 types of outdoor advertising mediums. Still, the most commonly used incorporate billboards, election posters, hoardings, bus signs, airport ads, building wraps, mall posters distribution, bench advertising, stadium signs, transit shelters, & much more.

Other Reasons why Outdoor Advertising Matters

The cost factor can not be ignored. Outdoor advertisements poster campaigns also have lower CPMs (cost per thousand) compared with other advertising types. Your company can use outdoor ads for a variety of purposes, ranging from branding to promoting a specific event. You can target the kind of mass audience you can’t reach with other forms of media.

Outdoor advertising is also fun. Is that a reason to invest in it? Well, yes. Advertising should be memorable, but it should also be enjoyable. If you don’t have fun with your promotions, they’re not worth doing. Advertising is an art, not a science, & doing it in an intelligent, productive but also amusing way improves the likelihood that it will succeed.

And that, ultimately, is why outdoor advertising matters. It works  & it will continue to work no matter what other forms of new media come along.

What does the research say?

The most recent study about billboard advertising is named the Arbitron National In-Car Study. According to this study, billboard advertising was found to be active mostly on drivers. Here are a few statistics the study reported:

  • 71% of Americans consciously look at billboard messages while driving & many learn about an event or restaurant they later attended.
  • 37% say seeing at an outdoor ad every or most of the time they pass one.
  • 58% discovered about an event or restaurant they were interested in visiting by viewing a roadside billboard.
  • 56% mentioned an advertisement they found funny in conversation.
  • 26% noted a phone number indicated on a billboard and 28% stated a web address written on a billboard.

Why Invest in Outdoor Advertising?


  • Outdoor advertising has a huge impact:


Could you turn off a billboard or a taxi commercial, or something seen on a phone booth? Simply, No!

One of the main benefits of opting for outdoor ads is that it does not need to be requested by the consumer, as is the case for some other media or platform. Consumers have no choice but to see the message.

It means that outdoor advertisements can have a greater impact on the customer than other newspapers.


  • It Attracts and Demands Attention:


Outdoor advertising is often big, colourful & creative. The fact that its stand-alone & faces no competition from other ads contributes to its higher effect & exposure.


  • It Can Help you Reach a Wider Audience:


Outdoor Ads is a great option for brands looking to reach a broader audience. It is public & has access to an audience that would otherwise be difficult to enter. This could include younger adults or top executives too busy for TV or social media.


  • Outdoor Advertising is Cost-Effective


Outdoor advertisements aim to deliver more return on investment as compared to other mediums. The more you invest in outdoor ads, the greater the ROIs you receive. This is because you’re able to reach a more extensive audience which is compelled to take in your message. If your outdoor advertising design & messaging is correct, there’s no reason why your prospects won’t respond to your call to action.


  • It Affects the Path to Purchase:


APN reports that 70% of purchasing decisions are made outside of shops & shopping centres. Well placed, outdoor advertising can surely influence your consumer’s decision to purchase a product. Outdoor ads influence the path to purchase & often compel people to make the decision.


  • Outdoor Advertising Works Best in a Diverse Marketing Mix:


While outdoor ads have great ROI & can reach a wider audience, they work in combination with other marketing strategies to achieve the best results for you. Reminding the user of the brand message via other mediums helps to strengthen it and also affects their decision-making process.

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